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Finding your perfect Istanbul villa for sale is now much easier

Villas for sale in Istanbul offer some of the best investments to be found in Istanbul property. One of the best locations for investment is a waterfront location offering Bosporus views – often such Istanbul villas come with private mooring so ideal if you are a boat owner.

istanbulFor families looking for villas for sale in Istanbul, property in the commuter belts is a good location  to consider – with many such areas boasting prestigious country clubs in peaceful surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Typically, these Istanbul villas have 3 to 4 beds for sale set within a landscaped complex featuring a full range of health club and spa facilities plus gated 24/7 security.

Istanbul also has a number of Blue Flag beaches which can make your Istanbul villa an attractive investment option if it is situated close by – for instance Küçüksu beach offers some wonderful blue water vistas.

If sea views are important then search for villas for sale in Istanbul above the Golden Horn – not only will such a location command wonderful sea panoramas but  the air will be cooler in the hot summer months  – a unique lifestyle factor should you wish to sell your Istanbul villa in the future.

Off-plan villas for sale in Istanbul offer the best opportunity to make an almost instant profit if purchased early on – though savvy investors are snapping up villas for sale in Istanbul quicker than the brochures can be printed! Beware though, of investing in traditional villas for sale in Istanbul as their wooden structure is protected heritage and such places are often in dire need of renovation – though getting the relevant planning permissions can prove an impossible task.

Whilst in the past there have been more Istanbul apartment options that Istanbul villa choices that is now changing as the city continues to expand and green areas are converted into luxury residential complexes. Finding your perfect Istanbul villa for sale is now much easier.

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